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Playing with the tools build system

The residualvm-tools repository was born on April, 7th this year. From the very first moment I felt its build system was broken, mainly for these three reasons:

  1. to build a specific tool you must run “make tools/foo”. The repo is called residualvm-tools, there should be no need to specify “tools” in the make call too;
  2. there isn’t a single line of Makefile code shared between the different tool targets;
  3. each submodule of tools/, like tools/lua/module.mk, needs to be added in Makefile.common. I’d like a way to set it up into tools/module.mk, with a parent-child relationship.

So some days ago I decided to try to improve it a bit, even though I never wrote a single line of a Makefile.

My first try was to work on rules.mk: I modified a bit the code that created a target from the value of TOOL_EXECUTABLE and of some other variables. After some trial and error I came up with a piece of code that allowed me to put in tools/module.mk, for each tool, something like this:

MODULE_OBJS := unlab.o
include $(srcdir)/rules.mk

MODULE_OBJS := vima.o
include $(srcdir)/rules.mk


Quite ugly, but still better than before.

Then I started working on 3. Long story short, I couldn’t come up with an acceptable solution.

Then an heretic thought passed through my mind: CMake!
I really like the add_executable and add_subdirectory functions of CMake, but I know that porting to CMake would require a big effort, since it doesn’t work out of the box on all the platforms configure currently supports.
So I started thinking: configure works perfectly, I just need a way to confortably generate a bit of Makefile code. configure is an sh script, why not just use sh?

So I wrote a script, makegen, with the functions add_executable and add_subdirectory.

add_subdirectory() {
    . $srcdir/$MODULE/module.mg

add_executable() {
    echo -n "$1_SOURCES := " >> $builddir/Makefile.modules
    for f in $2; do
        echo -n "$MODULE/$f " >> $builddir/Makefile.modules
    echo >> $builddir/Makefile.modules

    echo -e \
"build: $1
$1_DIRS := \$(sort \$(dir \$($1_SOURCES)))
    \$(QUIET)\$(MKDIR) \$($1_DIRS)
$1: $1_dirs \$($1_SOURCES)
    \$(QUIET)\$(MKDIR) \$(DEPDIR)
    \$(QUIET_CXX)\$(CXX) \$(LDFLAGS) $3 \$(DEFINES) -I. -I\$(srcdir) \
    \$(filter %.cpp %.o, $+) -o \$@\$(EXEEXT)
clean: clean/$1
    \$(QUIET)\$(RM) \$($1_SOURCES) $1
    \$(RMDIR) \$($1_DIRS) \n" >> $builddir/Makefile.modules

This script is called from configure and it simply generates a file Makefile.modules with the targets for the tools.

Now, adding a new tool is simply a matter of adding in tools/module.mg

add_executable toolname "toolname.o foo.o bar.o"

You’ll then be able to call make toolname.

This is not finished and still experimental, and I can’t know if it will ever be actually used, but I would like to hear some thoughts.

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  1. winterheart
    29 November 2011 at 3:46 PM

    Eh hi!
    You need help with cmake support?

    • giucam
      29 November 2011 at 5:34 PM

      As i said, a port to cmake would still need to work (or at least be portable without much effort) on the platforms residual currently supports. If you want to work on it, cool, but i can’t assure you it would be merged then.

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